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Register for the 2014 Fall Session today!! Weekly Swim Lessons
and 4-Week Progress Builder Swim Camps are available.

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We’re happy when you’re happy. If you have a concern or kudos,
let us know! You get what you want... We get your child swimming.

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From Backfloat Baby® skills to the most advanced Big 5 competitive skills… our goal is
to have your child demonstrate a strong and confident 300 yard freestyle swim.

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Hesitant swimmers just happen to be one of our specialties. Our staff is specifically
trained to assess, ask, and act. Relax and enjoy... This is where the magic happens!

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Building confidence through the mastery of skills since 1993.
Young swimmers learn through creative, original curriculum.

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Parents and children learn to swim together. FOSS’ exclusive Backfloat Baby program
focuses on water adjustment, floatation and fun for all!!

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Pre-competitive levels and FASTjets Swim Team are available at our Blaine, MN location.

2014 Calendar

Important dates and
upcoming events…


Very calm and makes feel excited and motivated to come every week to wash Ms. Anna's hair. She is creative and motivating.

Prerna M.Little 1, Chanhassen

She was excellent! Zeroed in right away with what needed to be worked on and really communicated what she wanted to see and not see - had good examples and ways to show this to the kids in a variety of ways.

Kip & Anne J.Big 3, Maple Grove

Natalie is great with kids - very engaged and enthusiastic! Kids really enjoy her and she gives great feedback!

Laurie B.Big 1, Lakeview

He is very complimentary to the kids and helps them right away if they need it.

Anna & Scott H.Middle 5, Maple Grove
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